5 Affordable Interview Outfits

It's college graduation season, which implies that it's interview season too. Whether you are out of college or changing jobs, everyone needs to dress appropriately for a job interview regardless of your budget. Don't think that the employer will understand if you are fresh out of college or a single mom and wearing old and worn clothes. You need to make an effort to look your best even if you are on a budget. Most likely there are many other candidates applying for the job and you are judged on everything including what you wear. What you wear to your interview is the going to be your first impression to the potential employer. So, what non-verbal story do you want to tell? 

Before you go, do a lot of research. Think about all the parts of the interview and what you might be asked to tour. I'd recommending wearing something that is toned down, not flashy, no big prints, too high heels, or bold colors. Also, always wear a heel, even if it's a very small heel. Don't wear super high heels that you can't walk in or that look too sexy. Try not to wear flats unless you have to. Flats don't look as powerful or flattering. Of course there are always exceptions. My first out of college interview was with a Naval Shipyard for the position of a Nuclear Engineer. Part of the interview was going to be climbing in and out of submarines, so this meant, I had to wear flats. I refused to wear tennis shoes, even though some candidates did, but for me this was not acceptable for an interview. I also knew I had to wear pants because going down submarine ladders in a skirt was not going to be pleasant. Proper research is really the most important preparation for your interview. You want to be comfortable and you want the interviewer to focus on your skills and experience and not be distracted by what you are wearing. I also believe that it's very important to look put together and powerful. Your inner world somehow always manifests in your outer world. No one wants to hire someone who looks messy. 

Here are some great finds to help you look great for your interview on a budget, starting with the most corporate environment to the most creative. It's up to you to know the dress code for the department.