How To Buy Designer Clothes For Under $200

Have you met women who don't make that much money to afford luxury items, yet they keep posting them on their Instagram or bringing to your girls night out? - I have! I always wondered how they did it and while some have so much credit card debt, others have some smart shopping habits.

In my experience, I always feel better about buying something that I know I can afford and that didn't cause me to exceed my monthly budget. I have also noticed that my clothes that are designer (higher quality) tend to stay in my closet for years and I get much better cost per wear ratio from them. 

So how do you buy high quality designer items on a normal salary? Here are my secrets:

1. Find items on eBay

This is one of the best resources for designer items that won't break the bank. You just have to know how to find the right pieces. Depending on what you are looking for, eBay does have a great way to filter for items. If you search for designer, I recommend using a designer name like Gucci or Prada in the search and then item type like "lace dress". You can use NWT (new with tags) if you are only interested in new items. There is also a filter for only new or used. If you just want to search for any designer without typing in a specific name each time, you can use "auth" in the search. This will pull up mostly designer names. Always put in the maximum price you are willing to pay and your size. I just did a search for a Prada dress for under $200 in a size small or extra small and the dress below came up. While I was checking it out, I went to the store of missvlane and looked at other items they have in my size and my budget. I found the Bottega Veneta dress below. 

I've found many great stores that sell new designer shoes with the box and storage bag for under $300. Here are a couple of items from one of my favorite places, the lenkainbe

Keep following my blog posts as I will be sharing many more great finds from eBay.

2. Buy one item every 3 months

This one is hard to do, but believe me, it's one of the most liberating 'smart shopping' habits I have mastered. I will buy one nice item every few months or every month depending on how much it is and what my monthly shopping budget is set at. It's better to have one versatile, good quality item that you can pair with new accessories than 4 or 5 items that are cheap. You'll get rid of the cheap things quickly and will forget you ever had them, but nice clothes are there to stay and even pass on to your kids. This is how many of our grandmas used to shop. 

Investing in classic and versatile pieces you can keep wearing is worth the wait. Keep the colors neutral and basic on the items that you splurge on. You only need one pair of black slacks, but buy the perfect pair that you'll still love in 3 years. 

3. Find a good discount store near you

I have a great Marshall's near my house now. I used to have a great Nordstrom Rack where I used to live. The secret is not to get overwhelmed with these stores. If you go more frequently and only check one or two sections, that shouldn't take you long. I give myself 20 min max. Find the best section where you can find designer items and only check those when you pop into the store. Don't get discouraged and keep going back, you will eventually find the perfect item that makes it worth it and fun. At the Rack, I would go through the designer rack only and look through all the items. Most items were still expensive, but every now and then, I will find something that is deeply discounted. You want to check for rips or tears and if there are any, make sure your tailor can fix them. At Marshall's I have two sections, one is the discount rack and the other women's tops. The discount rack seems to have the better brands and the discounts are great. I recently found a Vince shirt, retailing for $298, for $23 at Marshall's. I often buy these even if they are not my size and gift them. 

Now that I have told you my secrets of how to get designer clothes for less, please share some of yours in the comments. 


5 Most Versatile Items in Your Closet

Practically Fashion is all about being practical with your outfits. I don't believe that women need big closets to look and feel their best. Having a well selected closet of clothes that fit your body and lifestyle is key. These items below are not only the most versatile, but also the easiest to style for work. I will focus on the work outfits here again since it seems that we always have so many more choices for days off. By the time the weekend rolls around, I usually have so many things on my mind to wear from Pinterest and Instagram inspirations that I get a little overwhelmed. However, finding outfits to wear to work 5 days a week is hard. To see more examples, follow my Work Outfits Pinterest board.  

Leather Jacket

All black outfits with a leather jacket are always great. The rest of the outfit can't have much leather to make it appropriate for work. 

Since the black leather jacket is so timeless and versatile, you can mix up some colors, styles, and details with it to change up your looks. 

Black Trousers

Black trousers with a lighter top and a mix of trendy accessories. 

Black trousers with a darker top paired with neutral accessories for an easy work look. 

Black Sheath Dress

A black sheath dress can be paired with different belts, statement necklaces, jackets, and shoes to create new outfits. It's one of my favorite items to wear when I want to feel feminine and professional. 

Patterned Blouse

Patterned blouses are always easy to wear to work with pants or pencil skirts. They tend to go well with jeans and blazer for Friday casual style. 

Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt is a must have in your work wardrobe. If you have it, you can move on to acquiring a gray one as a good addition. 

Gray pencil skirts look great with neutral accessories and shoes. If you don't have gray or nude shoes to wear with this gray, you might need to buy a charcoal gray to work with a black shoe. 

If you want a more trendy style skirt than the usual knee length, get the midi pencil skirt. Pencil skirts look great on all body types. 

What is one item in your work wardrobe you wear a lot?


10 Must Try Outfits for Work in Spring

Spring is almost here and I can't wait to finally start taking some layers off. To make life easier when dressing in the morning, I always recommend building key items for each new season and creating looks around those. For spring this year, I picked two go to pieces that I can style multiple ways. In the ten outfits below, I present two very versatile work pants that can be styled 5 different ways each. Work wardrobe can't be too overpowered with trends, so because the style of these pants is very trendy, keeping the colors neutral is key. 

Wide Dark Pants

Tan Tapered Pants

Shop some of the best selections of dark wide pants here: Vince Camuto $89 // Opening Ceremony $395 // Simone Rocha $790
Shop some of the best selections of light wide pants here: Paul & Joe Sister $225 // Vince $295 // Theory $795 
Shop some of the best selections of tan tapered pants here: Nordstrom $168 // Theory $275 // Michael Kors $595