Must Have Jewelry

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is the fashion activity here. I'm always getting to see new fashion products just hitting the market and mingling with industry professionals. During one networking event I met my friend Chantal. We connected immediately. We had both had just moved to Los Angeles, both of us have lived in Europe, and both were looking to expand our fashion businesses. Chantal caught my eye because she had the look I adore: sophisticated and polished, with a fun trendy edge created with accessories. You could tell by her style that she’s been around fashion for a long time. Whenever I see Chantal, I'm always staring at her jewelry. It's edgy and unique, well made, and always has the right amount of color. Most of her pieces come from jewelry designers from all around the world with small collections of unique pieces. Most of them are sustainably made with high quality materials and not mass produced. Recently Chantal told me about her project, Boyajian Trend Gallery, an online jewelry store featuring these amazing designers. Yay! Now I can get some of these pieces for myself.

Boyajian Trend Gallery ships worldwide so you can wear these unique accessories too. Here are some of my favorite pieces styled in my workwear and casual weekend wear. Shop all the pieces I'm wearing at Boyajian Trend Gallery

Styled By PracticallyFashion