Summer Staple Dresses

Besides the usual black dress, I like having three other dresses I wear over and over again in the summer: a white one, a pink one and a plaid dress. Usually I travel in the summer and therefore try to have these dresses in materials that do not wrinkle when packed in a suitcase. These dresses are all simple enough to be easily styled with different accessories for fresh looks, which is extremely important when you are traveling light. They can also be paired with denim jackets and coats for cooler evenings as shown below. Here are my dresses that I have had for some time and still plan on wearing several summers to come:

I have a hard time giving up on summer so I try to wear my summer dresses as long as possible. I pair them with boots, tights, sweaters, jackets, and coats. Here is one example of how I wore the white dress in the fall.