10 Things you Should Never Wear to Work

This list features some not-so-obvious items that one might occasionally consider wearing to the office. After all, decisions made at 6am aren’t always the best.

1. Baggy Clothes
Clothes that are meant to be fitted and tailored should be, otherwise you will look sloppy. Pants that hang loose and jackets with shoulder pads past the shoulders look terrible and undermine your personal power. What not to wear:

what not to wear to work

Exceptions are pieces designed to be loose:

stylish workwear

2. Lululemon
Or any other workout and lounge wear. If you work at a gym, this might be an exception, but even there it’s not appropriate for all positions.

3. Shoes with Spikes

what not to wear to work

Unless they are Valentino, and then it’s really studs, not spikes:

Valentino shoes workwear

4. Too Much Perfume
It’s not professional. There are people who can’t stand the smell of your perfume regardless of how expensive it was.

5. Feather Skirts
Even if you dress it up with a blazer, it’s still not appropriate.

what never to wear to work

6. Dressy Shorts
Or ANY type of shorts, even the ones that go to your knees. They are unflattering and unprofessional.

what never to wear to work

7. Sequin or Leather Pants

what never to wear to work

8. Long Fingernails
As well as too colorful nail-art. As cute as the animal themed nail art is, it’s not appropriate for the work place.

9. Too Much Patent Leather
Patent leather or faux patent leather in large quantities and vivid colors are overpowering and unprofessional. Small patent leather items like shoes, small belts, or handbags are ok as long as they are in neutral colors. What not to wear:

what not to wear to work

Some patent leather in neutral colors is acceptable when tastefully coordinated. Here is an example:

Patent leather pencil skirt for work

Wide colorful patent belts are both unattractive and unprofessional, and should NOT be worn in the workplace:

what not to wear to work

10. Too Much Leopard Print
A small area of leopard print can be great, but overpowering your look with leopard just isn’t professional.

what not to wear to work

The best way to wear a leopard print to work is a sheer blouse:

Barbara Martello leopard print workwear