Friday Casual Workwear

TGIF: Fridays are my favorite days to dress for work. Not only can I be a little more trendy and creative, but most importantly I can wear denim. Here are examples of Friday casual outfits I tend to wear a lot.

Denim Jacket: I love wearing my denim jacket in the fall while the seasons are changing, it’s the perfect transition piece. For work, I typically pair it with a pencil skirt. I also wear it with black work slacks and sweaters. One thing I like to add to my denim jacket to change up the look is a scarf. 

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Off-white blazer: I’ve had an off-white blazer for years and I love wearing it on Fridays when I have a Happy Hour after work. It’s a great transition piece that can be dressed up and down. I normally wear it with black or off-white shoes, but it goes well with red and gray too. I often wear black leggings with a long top and this blazer. You'll see many more outfit posts of me with this piece. 

Where to Get Similar

Flared Jeans: If you want a foolproof Friday casual outfit for work that always looks good, flared jeans are your answer. Wear them with a sweater, t-shirt, blouse and top with a blazer. I often wear the same look just change up the blazer and my accessories and it looks new. Here is an example of how I wore the same outfit with two different blazers.