How to Dress Like a Boss

The key to dressing like a #girlboss is to create looks that are polished, well coordinated, effortless, and perfectly tailored. Here are 5 steps to dress like you are going to that corner office:

how to dress like a boss

1. Key Investment Pieces
Invest in one power bag and two quality pairs of shoes. The bag should be medium sized, structured, black or dark brown. Designer handbags I recommend would be classic bags by Prada, YSL, or Gucci. If you’d rather keep part of the handbag money in your 401k, which I recommend, good quality options that look just as expensive are Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch. Other key investment pieces are shoes. I recommend getting two pairs of pointy or round toe pumps, one in black and one in beige. I prefer pointy toe pumps since they look more polished and make your legs look longer. The heel should be anywhere between 2-4 inches, whatever height works for you to spend an entire workday in. These are items that should be high quality and possibly designer. If you don’t want to buy Jimmy Choo or Manolo pumps, I recommend that you buy suede pumps. Suede looks much richer even when buying lower quality. One of the best places for pumps that are affordable and look great is Zara.

Examples of Great Work Handbags

Examples of Great Work Handbags

Perfect Work Shoes

Perfect Work Shoes

2. Power Accessories
There are three power accessories every professional woman must have. 

One high quality watch that works with most of your outfits and colors. Watches are an essential accessory and one item that should be researched and carefully selected to match your style and looks. I own one large gold watch and one with a black leather band.

power watches

One statement cuff that you can add to a simple outfit.

statement cuff for work

One chic scarf that can add polish to your outfit.

workwear scarfs hot to wear

Where to Get Similar

3. Blazers
Blazers are the easiest and best way to make any outfit businesslike and polished. I own several blazers in various colors and wear all of them frequently. Try adding a well-fitted blazer to any look if you need to make it more stylish.

workwear blazers

Great Blazers Under $100

4. Classic Coats
Buy at least one fitted coat in a neutral color or buy two coats, one in black and one in beige. A great coat can uplift any outfit.

black work coats
beige workwear coats

5. Grooming
To look polished and powerful, always have perfect hair, minimal makeup, and perfect nails. Avoid smoky eyes, fake eyelashes, and overly colorful makeup. When it comes to makeup, less is always more. Go simple with some light foundation, lightly lined outer eye, mascara, lip gloss and blush. Make sure your eyebrows are professionally groomed and your nails are not too long or have chipped nail polish.

work hair styles