Best 9 to 5 Outfits to Wear Now

Dressing for work every morning can be so un-inspiring and not fun when you are dealing with weather changes, being appropriate for the work environment, getting up early, as well as wanting to be chic and fashionable. No wonder work style has become very boring and plain over the years and many women are going to a work uniform look. The work uniform idea is that you find what works for your lifestyle and your body and you buy multiple of the same item and re-wear and re-purpose it as much as possible. I believe that buying high quality, versatile items that can be re-styled is the key to having a fashionable work uniform style. Below are some great ideas of outfits using versatile items from your wardrobe. 


What is your go to work uniform? Or which combinations seem to be always the best looking and easiest to put together for you?