5 Ways to Add Color to Your Summer Work Outfits

When the sun starts coming out on a regular basis, I start wanting to incorporate more color into my work wardrobe. I'm not the type that will mix and match colors throughout the outfit. It's more likely to see me wearing all black or a combination of black and gray with some colorful details. When spring comes around I usually look up outfit looks of two of my favorite fashion ladies that tend to wear a lot of color, Viviana Volpicella and Giovanna Battaglia. If you search their outfits in Pinterest you'll see lots of great inspiring ways to wear color. Here are a few ways I tend to add color to my work outfits the most. 

Colorful Cardigans

Colorful Work Dresses

A Touch of Yellow in Accessories 

Colorful Work Skirts

          Topshop Skirt $105     //     Vince Camuto Skirt $99     //     Ted Baker London Skirt $248  

Red or Cobalt Pumps