5 Simple Items That Will Transform Your Workwear

When it comes to getting dressed early in the morning for work, I tend to keep wearing the same things as I have no time to invent new outfits usually. I tend to wear a lot of black and gray to work, however, over the years, I have learned to use five items in my wardrobe any time I feel like my outfit is boring. These five items seem to always make my look more on trend and they are easy to pair for work. If you don't have these already, I highly recommend adding them to your work wardrobe. There are endless ways to style each. Here are some examples.


As the looks above show, the coat transforms a typically all black or black and white outfit and makes it look much more interesting. I especially love the look of wearing the coat over the shoulders. 


This is one of my favorite tops as it pairs well for work or weekend casual wear. For work, you have to wear a camisole, but on the weekends you can get a bit more creative. The ivory color looks good with most colors and goes well with jeans. 


I love pencil skirts and have them in many colors, but the pink one keeps coming out of my closet quite frequently. I love the light dust pink color for fall and winter and the more bright pink for summer and spring. The bright pink pairs well with a chambray shirt. Light pink goes well with white or cream colors. 


I don't care what is in or out, I love leopard pumps for all seasons. When I wear all black I like to add the leopard pumps for a fun detail. It instantly transforms the outfit. This is probably the most amount of leopard I would wear to work. 


A great statement necklace that doesn't look cheap and wears well at a good price is hard to find. Once you find it, it's something you'll keep forever. If you buy a cheap necklace, you end up getting rid of it within a year or two. I recommend actually buying something of good quality and unique style that you can put over a black or gray top to make it chic. There are endless ways to style a great statement necklace in a neutral color. My favorite place to shop for these is the Boyajian Trend Gallery