Stylish Women Working Daily

When I first started this blog, I mostly wanted to feature inspiration for work appropriate and sophisticated style. I didn’t think there was enough inspiration for women in professional environments. As an engineer, I have worked with many extremely smart ladies that are also super fashionable. I thought that there were not enough magazines and places that featured this type of women and their style. One of my new columns of the blog will be Stylish Women Working Daily featuring stylish working women from different fields of work, their style, and tips on how to be more efficient in their day. Hopefully, the sharing of ideas and tips with everyone will help others be more creative and efficient throughout their work day. If you’d like to be featured in this column, please contact me. I’d love to hear your story. Here is my daily work and style story.

Name: Alma Hoffman     
Living In: Pasadena, CA
9-to-5 Title: Business Development Manager at AquaLiv Inc.

Describe your style and your go to work outfits:
Classic with a twist. I love wearing black slacks with a black top and adding a wide belt, colorful accessories, my LV epi bag, high heeled pumps topped with a classic trench coat or gray blazer. 

Who do you follow for workwear inspiration?
Olivia Palermo, she’s great at accessorizing, which is what I do a lot. The Workwear Edit for high street finds. People StyleWatch magazine when I want to read a magazine instead of staring at a computer or phone. 

Any tips for getting ready quicker in the AM?
I look at Pinterest before I go to bed for inspiration and create an outfit in my head the night before, once that part is done, everything else is easy. I also have quick breakfasts like muesli with almond milk and chia seeds. 

Where do you shop for workwear items?
Zara, Nordstrom, The Rack, J.Crew.

What are the big no-no's for your work environment?
Leather pants, shorts, flip flops (even in LA), anything too flashy.

How do you dress on the weekend and what are your favorite activities?
Skinny jeans, a plaid/print top, high heels, and leather jacket. I love to get together with my girlfriends either for drinks/HH or just spend time by the pool with a book. I also like going on hikes and walks with my husband. 

What does it mean to have it all for you?
Being healthy, comfortable financially, having enough time for my family and friends, and feeling accomplished at work (at least on most days). 

Have you read anything good lately? 
#Girlboss by Sophia Amarusso; I love her story and the details of how she became successful. Hard work usually pays off at the end. 

Your career advice? 
It’s never too late to start something new, but find something you are passionate about and it won't feel like hard work even if you are working a lot.


This is one of many pencil skirts I own. This one is a vegan leather skirt from Zara in dark brown. The dark brown is very versatile as it works with many different colors. I wear it with a chambray shirt or a white print t-shirt. Sometimes, I put on a tee with brown details and add a wide black belt and black accessories. 

This black DVF sheath dress is one of the best work items I invested in. It's very easy to change up the accessories, put on a chunky necklace, or add a scarf to make new outfits with it. I like to add a polished leather jacket just to make the outfit a little more edgy.  As you can see, I always look for easy ways to restyle one versatile item and create outfits quickly in the morning with the same staples. I find that the easiest and most efficient way to dress well quickly.


Skinny jeans, an interesting top, leather jacket, and high heels is pretty much my recipe for dressing on the weekends. I have several leather jackets, but I try to buy more polished styles as I can wear them to work as well as on the weekends. My LV epi bag is my wardrobe staple. This bag is the perfect size and shape for my use.