How to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

Besides the typical advice of tailoring your clothing and keeping it clean, there are simple everyday tips that you can think about when putting together your outfits to make them look more expensive. These are also great to keep in mind when shopping for new clothing. I use these trips every day when I feel like I need to feel great in what I'm wearing to work. 

Put a Blazer Over It

A blazer will make your look instantly more polished and sophisticated, making it look much more expensive. 

Wear the Right Proportions

Skinny pants with an oversized top is a great way to make the look more expensive. Always pair tight with wider when you combine tops and bottoms. Add high heels and a structured bag to complete the look. 

Wear a Longer Hem

Longer hems on skirts and dresses tend to make the outfit look more expensive. If you choose a great fabric that will further enhance the look. 

Choose Artsy Prints

Cool prints that you would find on a painting always elevate your look. Don't mix too many prints, choose one and keep the rest of the outfit minimal. 

Wear All White

All white outfits have a luxurious feel, especially if you choose the white pieces in different textures and thicker fabrics. 

Keep It Minimal

The most effortless way to make your look expensive is to choose simple pieces that are well tailored and keep your accessories as well as makeup simple and clean. 

Perfect Grooming

Make your look stand out with a red lip, perfect hair, and shades. Bonus points for wrapping a scarf around your purse. 

Wear an Oversized Clutch

Add statement bracelets in gold to your oversized clutch and you will look like the editors during fashion week. 

Wear Luxe Knits

Choose high quality knits and pair them with the same or similar colored bottoms. Add heels and a great bag to complete the look.

Wear a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket mixed with non-leather pieces always looks expensive and polished. 

Do you have any additional tips on making your outfits look more expensive? Please share.