Women of Inspiration: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons has been an inspiration to me for years. I've always been amazed by how great she can look in the simplest of clothes, at least they look simple to me. The look I love is her bright lip, dark brimmed glasses, slick hair put together with perfectly tailored classics. She has great style and a wonderful career, but the most impressive fact about Jenna is her career path. She started working as an assistant at J.Crew and worked her way up to president and executive creative director over her 22 year history with J.Crew. A woman after my own heart, Jenna obviously believes in "leaning in" and hard work. 

There’s this idea that everybody has to have everything right away. But you have to let the slow burn happen. I wasn’t the superstar. I had to work for it. Really long hours. -Jenna

Here are some great fall weather outfits by Jenna. 


Military looks are very much a fall favorite still and this combination is perfectly on trend. To get this look mix green/olive clothing with black accessories and hints of leopard and gold jewelry. 

Another look of Jenna's mixing military green, black, and leopard. A green parka is perfect for fall weather.

More fall outfits with neutrals.


A structured jacket with khaki pants, white tee and a longer necklace are perfectly paired with purple pumps.

Fall neutrals styled with great accessories.


Sweater and button up looks.

Shop one of my personal favorite outfits:

This is one of my favorite combinations: All white and denim with a chunky necklace, clutch and statement bracelet. 

All these looks are chic and classic and can be worn this fall. Perhaps, it is her timeless style that never goes out of fashion that I love about Jenna. Which is your favorite combination above?