3 Items to Keep You Cool and Chic This Summer at Work

It's been extremely hot on the west coast and according to the forecast, there is still lots of summer and heat left. It's great for the weekend as you stay cool by the pool or the lake in your shorts and tank tops. However, when it comes to commuting to work or being in an office that does not have state of the art AC, it can be difficult to concentrate and stay motivated. Here are three things that can help you stay cooler throughout your day and still look professional and chic.  

Relaxed Work Trouser

These relaxed trousers seem to be the only type of trouser that can let your body breath. Anything that sticks to the skin too much will not help you stay cool. There is a fine line with these type of trousers as far as how professional they can be. They can't be see-through or too slouchy. Also, you want to cuff them at the bottom to taper the look and make it more professional. It's best when paired with a button down, pumps, and blazer. 

Look to Copy: 

Trouser $75 (or Black $38) // Lipstick $17.50 // Tee $58 // Clutch $125 // Sandals $69.48 // Sunglasses $160 // Blazer $111.20 // Belt $80

Summer Shirtdress

A shirtdress in a neutral color is a great work staple as it's easy to style with different accessories. I love the look of a white shirtdress, but usually find them either too see-through or wrinkly to look good and professional for work. The best styles for the summer are silk mixes that are easy and flow well on the body without sticking. They also should be at least just above the knee if you wear it to work. 

My favorite look is of course the black (second photo) as i'm addicted to the color. Second choice would be pink as shown blow and third would be chambray as worn by Olivia Palermo in photo three above. 

Look to Copy: 

Pink Dress Left $120 // Handbag $88 // Belt $21 // Bracelet $170 // Sandals $97.95 // Pink Dress Right $308

Pleated Skirt

If you don't have a pleated skirt already, I recommend getting one in cream or black, but if you own one in cream or black, then getting one in dust pink or peach color would be the next on my list. They are really great for the heat and usually have an underskirt that helps with being more professional and not sticking to your legs.  

Nordstrom has a new collaboration with Cupcakes and Cashmere and there is a peach colored pleated skirt in the line, so you can pre-order the skirt now at a reasonable price (see link below). I love the color and the length. 

Look to Copy: 

Blouse $88 // Ring $85 // Sandals $97.95 // Belt $80 // Pleated Skirt $115

Ideas on how to wear the same pleated skirt in the fall and winter:

What is your favorite item to wear to work in the heat?