Maternity Fashion and Pregnancy Tips

I finally have some time to post a few photos of my maternity fashion and pregnancy outfits. Between shopping for the baby, getting the nursery set up, and getting ready for the baby shower, along with my regular job and daily tasks, life has been really busy to say the least. I know this is just in preparation for how it will be when the baby is here. Being pregnant has been really great to me and I've been inspired almost every day to dress up. I'm at the end of my seventh month and I have to say the last few weeks have been more challenging as far as fitting into clothes. For the first two trimesters, I could fit into most of my regular stretchy clothes and dresses, however the third trimester is looking a bit different. I'm realizing how key comfort and space for the baby have become. Even though I will be wearing heels all through my pregnancy, I'm wearing more and more loose clothing. I've purchased more dresses now than ever. I find them the most comfortable option while pregnant and also all the dresses I'm buying are ones I can wear after the pregnancy with a belt. I can't bear the idea of buying something I can only wear for the next couple months and then forget about it. Here are my two go-to looks to wear while pregnant.


I'm wearing my chambray dress from J. Crew with YSL pumps and a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 monogram bag. 

Tip #1:  Stay as comfortable as you need to be. Don't wear heels if they don't feel good to you. Your center of gravity changes with the pregnancy and wearing heels makes it much more difficult to keep your balance. I am wearing really high heels here, but I walk very carefully and take flip flops or flats along with me if I have much walking to do. Please be careful as you are carrying precious cargo. 

Tip #2: You will be warmer than usual, so make sure you are not over-heating in your outerwear. I tend to always be cold, but since being pregnant, it's been the opposite. I find a leather jacket or a jean jacket all the outerwear I need these days even on cooler nights. 

Tip #3: It's ok to wear the same thing over and over while pregnant, just keep changing up your accessories and shoes/bags combinations.


Tom Ford Sunglasses, Vince Jacket, and Boyajian Trend Gallery Accessories. 

White Crystal Necklace $189
Blue Leather Bracelet $66


Shop for similar:
Chambray dress by Tarte $142.
Leather jacket by Chelsea28 $328.
Handbag by Fossil $178.
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $160.
Sandals by YSL $895 or less expensive by MK $109.90.
Belt by Fossil $32.

Tip #4: Avoid looking bulky with a small belt above your belly over loose clothing. I wear one on all dresses that are not fitted. 


My second look is a stretchy James Perse dress that I wear to work frequently. Similar here. Worn with Christian Louboutin Bianca pumps, Chanel bag, and Boyajian Trend Gallery accessories. 


I will wear this dress all through the end of my pregnancy since it's very stretchy and comfortable. It is also easy to style. I recommend buying at least one of this type of dress. 

Tip #5: If you start getting muscle or ligament pains, look into getting a pregnancy support belt, especially for the days that you walk a lot. You can find some comfortable ones now and some that are easily hidden under clothing. This one is great by Belly Bandit $69.95

Always wear a smile while pregnant.


Tip #6: Carry some anti-acid tablets in your purse at all times. Different foods will cause heartburn without warning, but quick help is available by using a good anti-acid. I would avoid using Tums because they have several artificial ingredients. I am using these Healthy Mama Tablets you can order on amazon. 


Tip #7: Drink a lot of water. It seems counter-intuitive, but water is a great diuretic. I drink at least 3 Liters per day and have not had any swelling at all. Another benefit - water has fewer calories than watermelon. 

Accessories CloseUps and Shopping

Tip #8: Pay attention to your cravings, they sometimes have valuable information on nutrients you are lacking. I was craving red meat for a while and found out my iron was too low. Then, I craved strawberries and other fruit, but when I added another Vitamin C supplement, those cravings went away. 


I now celebrate my body more than ever. We, women, are often critical of some part of our body and its looks, but since the preganancy I've come to understand how amazing our bodies are. Every day, I cherish the fact that I am able to grow a human with no control, commands, or added intelligence on my part. At first, it didn't feel real, but after I heard the first heart beat of my baby and saw the first ultrasound images, I was in love with this wonderful blessing and celebrate it every day. Be good to yourself and your body and teach your children from early on to do the same.

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Thank you for reading!