9 Ways to Dress Like a French Girl At Work

Who doesn't love the classic, effortless French style? I get inspired by the French fashion ladies all the time especially when it comes to what to wear to work. This is why I decided to write about the key elements I see over and over in French style that make it so chic. Here are the 9 things to incorporate into your work outfits to get that effortless, chic, French girl look. 

Crisp White Button-Down


The reason a white button-down can look amazing is all because of the fabric and cut. The nicer fabric will feel thicker and silkier and will have a natural shine without being shiny. A white button-down is an item that should be splurged on. If you buy the right quality, it should last for years. It's one item that you can add to black slacks or jeans with some statement accessories and you will look chic and effortless like the two examples on the left. 


Pencil Skirts


Pencil skirts look great on most body types. They also always look very powerful and chic for work if you wear styles that are up to your knees. Make sure that the cut-off is at the skinny part of your leg to get the slimmer effect. Carine Roitfeld is the queen of pencil skirts as you can see from my post here. If you need more inspiration just type in her name in Pinterest. One simple way to get the effortless chic work look is to wear a print pencil skirt with a black top and black accessories. 


All Black


Black always looks chic and sleek, but creating a top to bottom all black outfit that looks great is an art that the French women have mastered. The key to the perfect all black outfit is to mix textures or to use pieces that are meant to be worn together like in the picture of Giovanna Battaglia. I love how Giovanna has paired her all black skirt suite with statement sandals. If you are wearing black pants or jeans with a black top, it's best to break it up with a belt to let the two different items stand on their own without competing. 


Style Classics


Investing in at least one quality item per year is something I try to practice now that I am older and appreciate the quality of fabric and design more. French women tend to have this embedded in their style early on. If you start early, by the time you are in your 30ies, you will have a great selection of classic pieces. French classics that I would consider buying are Hermes scarf, Louis Vuitton purse, Chanel jacket or cardigan, pearl necklace, and Chanel sunglasses.


Classic Handbag


A medium to large black classic bag is a must in the any girls wardrobe for work. I like a timeless style that can be worn with any outfit and can be dressed down for the weekends as well. These French ladies seem to have found the IT bag for them. I see the same style bag in many photos of French street style. 


Trench Coat


A beige trench coat is the best outerwear investment. Whether you wear it with a dress, skirt, or pants, a quality trench coat can always elevate an outfit and make it chic and effortless. I wear mine in the fall and spring with the sleeves cuffed up like in the first photo and the collar lifted in the back. 


Trouve Trench Coat $148
APC Trench Coat $635
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A great silk scarf is the perfect accessory for a simple tee or top. It's also a great way to add color to an outfit that is monochromatic like in the photos on the left. French ladies seem to always own at least one designer silk scarf by either Hermes, Dior, or Pucci. It's a must have for your work wardrobe.


Kitten Heels


You will never see a French lady wear sky high heels to work. Kitten heeled pumps seem to be the go to style for French work wear. They are comfortable and much more effortless than high heels. I love the look of suede black kitten heeled pumps. 




A list of French style would not be complete without stripes. I especially love striped tops as shown in the three photos on the left. This staple is always effortless and in style. I would splurge on a high quality striped top from Vince or APC. 


What is your favorite classic French style tip?