What Will the Gilmore Girls Wear in the New Episodes

Who else was excited about Gilmore Girls being rebooted on Netflix (News here)? At first, I didn't believe it thinking it's just gossip, but I think it's really happening. (Latest on the news here). It made me think about what Lorelai and Rory will wear in the new episodes and how their style will change with today's fashions. I think Lorelai's style will still be sophisticated with trendy twists here and there. I imagine her wardrobe will be a mix of high and low, some Zara and H&M pieces combined with designer pieces from Saks and of course lots of Jimmy Choos. Rory's style will be very similar to a young millennial starting out in the corporate world with a smaller shopping budget, but still look well put together and on trend. Rory's go to shops would be Urban Outfitters, Zara, Express, and Banana Republic. Here are my looks for each one styled for different events. For a reminder of Lorelai's style in the previous episodes please see this post


Lorelai will still be very sophisticated and minimalistic with her accessories, but fun twists added to her pieces. I would pick a dress like the one below with the large folds as the standout detail, but keep everything else simple and sleek. Lorelai also needs some bling added to her date night outfit and it's best accomplished via a fun clutch like the one below.

Necklace $950  //  Shoes $735  //  Dress $3895 (or for less) //  Watch $1450  //  Clutch $2245 (or for less

Rory was young and still very conservative even when dressing for date night in past episodes. I think her style will be much more daring without being too sexy. I can see her wearing the vegan leather dress below with some statement accessories, comfortable heels, and for the more conservative side of her, the cardigan for a night out. 

Cardigan $29.90  //  Clutch $209  //  Dress $49.90  //  Necklace $28  //  Ring $68  //  Sandals $148.95


Lorelai wore lots of pencil skirts and blouses to work in the past and I think that will still be the case. I'd update her style now with a print on print look and denim leather pumps as shown below with a modern design necklace. Her work looks will still be a mix of timeless classics like the black pants, the white button-down, the gray blazer, but they will have some fun details like pink pumps, ruffles, statement accessories, and fun prints.  

Necklace $695  //  Skirt $480  //  Blouse $265  //  Shoes $625 

Rory's work style will be similarly updated with new trendy pieces. She'll mostly wear comfortable, but professional workwear. If Rory's work is with some fashion magazine, we'll expect to see more trendy and fun pieces just as one would expect for someone going to fashion week. 

Blouse $35.90  //  Pants $49.90  //  Coat $149  //  Bag $325  //  Shoes $79.99  


I always loved how they dressed for Friday night dinner at the Gilmore's. Lorelai would usually wear some great dress, mostly wrap dresses, and statement coats. I would still expect her style to be sophisticated dinner style with fun fashion details. I would pick dresses like the one below with the great print and some sheer detailing. Add a cardigan to make it more sophisticated and some sparkly details on the shoes and clutch. 

Earrings $175  //  Clutch $575  //  Dress $525  // Cardigan $395  //  Shoes $970

Rory was always more sophisticated for Friday night dinners and I would still expect the same, except with some new on trend pieces like the booties and the fun dress below. 

Ring $195  //  Bag $179  //  Dress $468  //  Coat $169  //  Shoes $89.90


Rory's weekend look is always comfortable in her flared jeans and sweaters. I would not expect that to change a lot. Both Gilmore girls looked great in flared jeans and lucky for them flared jeans are coming back in style now. 

Sweater $495  //  Boots $70  //  Nailpolish $15  //  Earrings $50  //  Jeans $189

Lorelai used to wear the Juicy Couture zip sweater below for her casual looks and I used to have one just like it. I think she'll be updating that with some Lululemon zip hoodies. Her usual print tees will still be the go to with the flared jeans and minimal accessories. 

Coffee Tee $30  //  Jeans $198  //  Earrings $195  //  Hoodie $118  //  Booties $139.95

This is how I imagine their wardrobe to change in the new episodes. What do you think some of their go to designers or pieces will be? 

Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally see some new Gilmore Girls Episodes!!!!