5 Most Versatile Items in Your Closet

Practically Fashion is all about being practical with your outfits. I don't believe that women need big closets to look and feel their best. Having a well selected closet of clothes that fit your body and lifestyle is key. These items below are not only the most versatile, but also the easiest to style for work. I will focus on the work outfits here again since it seems that we always have so many more choices for days off. By the time the weekend rolls around, I usually have so many things on my mind to wear from Pinterest and Instagram inspirations that I get a little overwhelmed. However, finding outfits to wear to work 5 days a week is hard. To see more examples, follow my Work Outfits Pinterest board.  

Leather Jacket

All black outfits with a leather jacket are always great. The rest of the outfit can't have much leather to make it appropriate for work. 

Since the black leather jacket is so timeless and versatile, you can mix up some colors, styles, and details with it to change up your looks. 

Black Trousers

Black trousers with a lighter top and a mix of trendy accessories. 

Black trousers with a darker top paired with neutral accessories for an easy work look. 

Black Sheath Dress

A black sheath dress can be paired with different belts, statement necklaces, jackets, and shoes to create new outfits. It's one of my favorite items to wear when I want to feel feminine and professional. 

Patterned Blouse

Patterned blouses are always easy to wear to work with pants or pencil skirts. They tend to go well with jeans and blazer for Friday casual style. 

Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt is a must have in your work wardrobe. If you have it, you can move on to acquiring a gray one as a good addition. 

Gray pencil skirts look great with neutral accessories and shoes. If you don't have gray or nude shoes to wear with this gray, you might need to buy a charcoal gray to work with a black shoe. 

If you want a more trendy style skirt than the usual knee length, get the midi pencil skirt. Pencil skirts look great on all body types. 

What is one item in your work wardrobe you wear a lot?