How to Bridge the Gap Between Your Pinterest and Your Real Closet

We all have this problem: Our Pinterest closet is much more stylish than our real life closet. Not only more stylish, but those clothes are perfectly clean and pressed and do not need any tailoring. 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest collecting looks, only to later return to those boards for inspiration and couldn't find anything to wear that looked as good as it did in that virtual closet. Then I spent some time editing my searches and boards and edited my closet to make that more realistic. 

1. Create specific boards

My Closet - Outfits you can actually copy now with what you have in your closet.

Future Buys - Potential things you might add to your closet. For instance, a denim jacket. Do a search on denim jackets and find out how many looks you have now that you can wear with that item. Find the best length, sleeve style, color variation etc through those examples, which will help you when you actually shop. Then re-pin the looks you now have in My Closet once you buy the jacket.  Here are all the denim jacket looks I found when I was shopping for a jacket: Denim Jacket

Inspiration - These are looks that are similar to something you already have. Not exact, but something to try out. Once you try it out and it looks good with your clothes, keep the look. If it doesn't look good, delete it. For instance, if you have leopard loafers in your closet and you find a look like the one below, however, you don't have a red bag or that same coat, but the black pants, striped shirt are good starting points. Then add an interesting color to the look via the bag or coat with some big bracelets and a watch.  

2. Follow Bloggers who are more realistic to your size and shape

It's really hard to tell how tall or big someone is from photos, but you can look for their Q and A and see if they have those listed. It's very important to follow bloggers of your size and shape. There are so many blogs out there and I can guarantee you that there is someone out there with your height, weight, and boob size blogging and inspiring. I've purchased something so many times because it looked great on someone else, only to find out that it either looks like a cheap rag, a tent, or completely retarded on me. Camera does add a few pounds, so if the blogger looks skinny in the photo, they are even smaller in real life. I've seen bloggers in person who I have followed whose legs are the size of my arms. 

3. Be realistic about your lifestyle and how you spend your time

For instance, it's not practical to chase a toddler in 4 inch heels. This is a very real lifestyle example for me, which took a while to sink in. Below is an example of my go to style when I am with my daughter. Since I have a two year old, I go to the playground a lot, so I have an entire board dedicated for those looks. Playground Looks

4. Pay attention to the details in the outfits

Bloggers and stylists are very clever with their styling tricks and most of the time they do something that might not be very obvious to you. For instance, pay attention to the pant rolls on the bottom, to the sleeve rolls, to the tucks of the top, to how their hair is styled for the specific top and what type of shoes they are wearing in the outfit. Shoes make a big difference. Size of handbag can also make a big difference for the overall outfit. The weight/size of the accessories is important to consider as well to copy the look better.