Most Versatile Item in Your Closet for Fall

There is something about Fall fashion that seems very refreshing. I love seeing all the big September issues of Vogue, Elle, and InStyle and checking out the colors, the prints, and the cuts for the upcoming year. As much as I love a new item in my wardrobe, I also keep thinking about how to wear my current clothing more. Year after year, I have realized that the most versatile item for fall is a neutral colored cardigan about hip length. Over the years, I have collected quite a few cardigans, but a black, gray, and nude are my go to-s. They are so easy to throw in the bag for the cooler evenings and work well with many outfits. Below are just some ways to wear them. 

Cardigan 1.jpg
cardigan 2.jpg
cardigan 3.jpg
cardigan 4.jpg
cardigan 5.jpg
cardigan 6.jpg
cardigan 7.jpg
cardigan 9.jpg
cardigan 10.jpg
cardigan 12.jpg
cardi 14.jpg
cardi 15.jpg
cardigan draped.jpg
cardigan 13.jpg

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Do you have a favorite brand for good quality cardigans that don't break the bank? My favorite currently is this Madewell sweater for $98.