What to Wear to Work When Pregnant

It's easy to fall into the comfort wear rut when you are pregnant and start showing up at work in your Zella leggings and oversized top. It's understandable that you want to be comfortable and you don't want to spend money on clothes you can only wear for a limited time. In addition, when you are pregnant, most women are tired a lot of the time and picking out daily outfits is just not very inspiring. However, you can dress nicely and comfortably for work while pregnant with a few key items that you can easily style over and over for your 9 to 5. I don't recommend buying too many maternity clothing pieces. A few is all you should need and here are the ones I've relied on during my pregnancy. As you will see, dresses will be your best friend and they can take you from day to night easily and are the most comfortable for you and the baby. 

Here are the essential maternity pieces you should have: 


Black Skinny Work Pants

Black pants for work are a must even when you are pregnant. The skinny type look much better than wider leg ones. They are easy to pair with a larger blouse, sweater, or cardigan. Keep switching your top and accessories and you'll have tons of fresh looks for work. 


Dark Skinny Jeans

I love wearing jeans, but when I was pregnant, I wanted to buy only one pair of maternity jeans and wear them for the entire term. I thought a lot about the style and wash I would wear the most often and dark denim skinny jeans won the race. I can't tell you how important these are in my maternity wardrobe. They are still professional and I wear them to work with a blazer often. They are also great for weekends and comfortable for just about any activity. These are absolutely a must in your wardrobe. 


Black Sheath Stretchy Dress

Black stretchy dress is also super versatile and the best part is it will grow with your belly. It's one of the easiest items to style. I would first decide on the shoes I wanted to wear that day with this dress, then the handbag, then add accessories. Most days I opted for all black, so I would throw on a chunky necklace or a cuff to add some interesting details to the outfit. I wore it with my Converse shoes many times and a denim jacket for a more relaxed Friday casual look just like the third photo above. 


Striped Stretchy Dress

I purchased a stretchy striped dress just because I was wearing my black dress too much and wanted another option. The black and white stripe is very versatile and also easy to style. I particularly liked pairing it with a black leather jacket. 


Items You Already Have: Wrap Dress and Tube Skirt

During my pregnancy, I also wore my regular wrap dress and tube skirt I had in my closet and it worked. Later in the pregnancy, I had to wear a tank top under the wrap dress to look more professional. Both of these are great items to have as you can wear them after your pregnancy as you are getting back into shape. Tube skirts are so comfortable and during your last few months of pregnancy, they will be your go to item.


Shop For Pregnancy Work Wardrobe Must Haves

Black Flats AGL $298 // Black Wedges Lanvin $595 // Black Kitten Pumps $148.95 // Leopard Flats $138.95 // Gold Wedges $275 // Converse Sneakers $49.95


Toxin Free Make-Up and SkinCare

Right after I got pregnant, I spent hours researching and trying out all natural make-up and skincare. My main objectives were no parabens or other toxins while finding good quality items. I've tried many different brands from Whole Foods only to find that the actual functionality was poor or the makeup was not looking great. There have been many new all natural brands on the market in the past few years and the options are constantly expanding. It's still hard to find makeup and skincare that works and is truly all natural. Nonetheless, this was a very important personal project as I believe that minimizing the toxins I do have control over for my and my baby's health was a top priority. All products below are ones I use now and will probably continue using for a long time or until I find something better.